Camp Shetek

Camp Shetek Boy Scout Camp at Lake Shetek near Currie, Minnesota was dedicated formally at a special ceremony June 13, 1941.  That was the first year it was used as a summer camp and was used as a summer camp until 1970. At that time, E. J. Kahler of Sioux Falls was chairman of the Council Camping Committee; he was instrumental in purchasing the camp. The camp was under the direction of the Sioux Council Executive, Ken Pringle, with R. D. Herold, Brookings, serving as resident director.

The construction of the lodge building took place in 1948 with contractors from Currie. On August 28, 1998, there was a rededication of the building. There was remodeling done to the kitchen area in 1983. In 1996 and 1997, there was more remodeling done with the whole inside of the large room receiving work plus the addition of the two lofts.  In the mid-eighties, there were latrines added to the campsites.

The camp consists of twenty-five acres of wooded campsites.  Over the years, it has been used for Camporees, Klondike Derbys, Junior Leader Training, Akela Camps, Cub Scout Day Camps, and WoodBadge Training.  The camp sees 5,000 campers yearly and over 300,000 throughout its 60 year history.  The word Shetek comes from the Sioux Indians, which means pelican.

Reservations and Fees (Forms can be found in the menu to the right)

Advance reservations and fees are required. The Sioux Council charges units $1.00 per camper per weekend.  Fees are double for non-Scout groups and out-of-council units. Please submit fees with application or be sure your unit account has adequate funds. Absolutely No reservations will be taken over the phone or e-mail without a filled out reservation form.

Refund Policy: A cancellation less than 60 days in advance will result in only a 50% reduction of fees based on the number of persons reserved.