Red Rock District

Red Rock District serves the following counties:
South Dakota - Lincoln, Minnehaha, Moody, Lake
Iowa - Lyon
Minnesota - Lincoln, Lyon, Murray, Nobles, Pipestone, Rock




District Leadership

Position Description Name/Email Phone #
District Chair Oversees all district operations Open  
District Commissioner Oversees relationships with units Steve Schempp 240-434-6504
Friends of Scouting Chair Coordinates all aspects of FOS campaign Tim Stark 605-201-0403
Family Friends of Scouting Chair Oversee Family FOS presentations Open  
Popcorn Chair Oversees popcorn sale in the district Brent Porter 605-323-7065
Membership Chair Contact for recruiting and new units Jeremy Tamisiea 605-321-8044
Program Chair Oversee all activities and programs Reid Jensen 605-366-9097
Activities and Civic Services Chair Promotes district-wide events Paula Ehrich 402-669-9421
Camping & Outdoor Program Chair Promotes summer and unit year-round camping Open  
Training Chair Unit leader training and training operations Gordon Foss 512-751-5368
Advancement & Recognition Chair Cub/Boy/Venturing Advancement Patrick Fish 605-201-8152
Field Director Professional Staff Michael O Connor 605-323-0743
District Executive Professional Staff Brett Aljets 360-323-0740



First Girls Registered in District