Red Rock District

Red Rock District serves the following counties:
South Dakota - Lincoln, Minnehaha, Moody, Lake
Iowa - Lyon
Minnesota - Lincoln, Lyon, Murray, Nobles, Pipestone, Rock




District Leadership

Position Description Name/Email Phone #
District Chair Oversees all district operations Open  
District Commissioner Oversees relationships with units Steve Schempp 240-434-6504
Friends of Scouting Chair Coordinates all aspects of FOS campaign Open  
Family Friends of Scouting Chair Oversee Family FOS presentations Open  
Popcorn Chair Oversees popcorn sale in the district Brent Porter 605-323-7065
Membership Chair Contact for recruiting and new units Jeremy Tamisiea 605-321-8044
Program Chair Oversee all activities and programs Open  
Activities and Civic Services Chair Promotes district-wide events Open  
Camping & Outdoor Program Chair Promotes summer and unit year-round camping Glenn Miller 507-825-5486
Training Chair Unit leader training and training operations Open  
Advancement & Recognition Chair Cub/Boy/Venturing Advancement Scott Harvill 605-271-1428
Field Director Professional Staff Michael O Connor 605-323-0743
District Executive Professional Staff Open  



First Girls Registered in District