Program Planning

One of the single most important things a unit can do, along with having trained leaders, is to develop an annual program budget and calendar. This helps every family in the unit know what will be happening in the next year and when.  It will also help each family know what their financial commitment will be for the year, either through popcorn sales or other unit fundraisers. There are 7 steps to planning your program and they are outlined in the documents below. To start your units planning process you will want to print the guide for Packs or Troops. The editable files will be used along with your guide to have a final plan that you can distribute among your scouting families. If you have any questions or need help – please contact your district commissioner or executive and they will set up a time to meet with your committee to plan the best WOW! program for your scouts. 


         Pack                                               Troop 

2019 Pack Program Planning Guide                                                                2019 Troop Program Planning Guide

2019-20 Council Calendar                                                                                    2019-20 Council Calendar

2019-20 Calendar Template                                                                                2019-20 Calendar Template

Pack Planning and Budgeting Form                                                                 Troop Planning and Budgeting Form