Program Planning

Program Planning Recap and Resources

Program Planning is a critical part of your Pack or Troop’s success. Development of an annual program plan will provide direction for your unit and give your Scouts and Adult leaders a sense of accomplishment at the end of the year. Program planning does not have to be complicated but it should be recognized as an important step that must be done each year. A quality program will help your Unit to retain Scouts and encourage youth in your area to join. What kid doesn’t want to experience a High Adventure on the Missouri River or look for Bigfoot at Cub Family Weekend? This year the Council will offer two opportunities to attend a Program Planning Webinar. This Webinar is critical to learning the steps it takes to have a quality program. In 2023 it is required to have one person from each unit attend the Program Planning Webinars and turn in a Calendar and Budget by August 31st to receive 3% Popcorn Commission.

Here are the resources that were offered during the meeting:

Pack Planning Download

Troop Planning Download