Membership Resources

Planning for your membership growth is planning for the future of your program.  Membership is the lifeblood of every pack, troop, crew and post.  Nothing works—popcorn, Friends of Scouting, activities, events—without membership.

In 2020, we are committed to helping units grow both youth and adult members.  This fall, we are providing resources for recruiting adults to needed unit positions.  Below you will find forms you can use to identify parents you can rely on for resources as well as leadership roles, as well as links to methods of talking to parents to encourage their participation.

Finally, we want families to know that Cub Scouts is not the beginning, middle and end, but rather just the beginning of a WOW! adventure for the entire family.  Establishing and maintaining relationships between packs and troops and cultivating those relationships throughout the Webelos dens will help ensure healthy scouting for all programs.

Adult Recruitment Video 1                           Adult Recruitment Video 2
       (Yardstick)                                                                 (Stand Up)

2020 Membership Recruitment Powerpoint

National Registration Fee Increases

Cub Scout Pack Materials:

              Fall Parent Guide

             Pack Sign-up Night Reminder

              School Night for Scouting Resource Guide            

              Pack 100 Point Form

              Pack Talent survey

              Bobcat Cheat Sheet

              Webelos Crossover Guide

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Scouts BSA Troop Materials:

              Troop 100 Point Form

              Troop Talent Survey

              Webelos Crossover Guide

              Webelos Tracking Sheet

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Registration Forms:  Please be sure to use the newest applications.  Effective February 1, 2020, any discontinued adult applications received will be returned to the applicant with the current application to be completed.

Adult Application - English             Adult Application Fillable PDF        

Adult Application - Spanish

Youth Application - English             Youth Application Fillable PDF

Youth Application - Spanish