New Facilities/Properties Reservation System

The Sioux Council has implemented a new facility reservation system for all camp properties.  This reservation system is completely different than the one currently in use and does involve fee changes (Click HERE for new fee structure)..  The fee changes also mean no more per person charges.  Our new system is similar to online hotel or AirBnB reservations.  All new reservaions received will be subject to the new reservation fees and policies.  The reservation system will go live June 1st and will allow for reservations through August 2020 to coincide with our existing policy.

Sioux Council is very fortunate to have large, beautiful camp properties and with this new system, we hope to encourage more units to use those properties.  As you will see, multiple units can reserve buildings and campsites at the same property at the same time.  Units can no longer assume that they will have the whole camp propery to themselves because they have rented a lodge or a campsite.  Several of our properties could have up to 20 units enjoying a camping experience on the same weekend

Reservation System Instructions


  • It has been years since the price of using BSA facilities has increased and in order to maintain our properties an increase was needed.
  • In the past, budgeting has been hard for units as they have to budget for camp plus participants, which is harder to know until the actual time of the camp. 
  • Timing is right to move away from per person and flat fees to solely a flat rental fee.
  • Utilization of the camps were tracked manually by staff and very costly vs. new system.
  • With the current system, we were not able to provide an easy way for multiple units to rent sites and facilities the same weekend.  This will give more units the opportunity to use our camps and experience what they have to offer.
  • Units from all over the council will have the exact same opportunity to secure rentals.  No more filling out paperwork and mailing it to the office to be put on a waiting list.  Truly is a first come, first serve basis.
  • Unit will be able to reserve exactly what they want to rent, make the payment and receive confirmation of their rental.
  • One set price and can tailor what you need and not have to pay for buildings that they will not use.
  • Online system will allow units to see if space is available from June 1st through August 31st of the following year.  This will allow for outdoor experiences that may be planned outside of normal program planning.
  • Will allow for easier use of camps and getting proper keys to units.

Tentaroo User Guide-  This guide provides help with creating accounts, event registration and facilities reservations.