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Lions Officially Part of Cub Scouts!

The wait is over!  Lions are no longer a “pilot” program, but an official part of the Cub Scouts.  This means that packs can—and should—offer Lions as a regular part of their pack program, with no additional oversight from the Sioux Council.

Here are some other highlights of the change, beginning Fall 2018:

  • Lion will be an official rank in Cub Scouts
  • Lions will have a new t-shirt, neckerchief, book, and adventure loops
  • Lion “Guides” will now be known as den leaders, like their peers

A few things also will NOT change.  For example, Lions will not wear the blue Cub Scout shirt, but will wear the Lion t-shirt.  In addition, Lions will still earn their Lion badge first; scouts will not earn their Bobcat until they enter the Tiger den.  Lions still will not camp, unless it is as part of a pack family camp.

Welcome Lions!




Sioux Council will join the official National Boy Scouts of America plan to being serving full families with the admission of girls into its Cub Scout programs starting Fall 2018.

Wanting to make the best first impression possible on our new members, the Sioux Council Executive Board elected to follow the official National plan and give its Cub Scout Packs until the fall program kickoff to get prepared for the new full family programming.

More information will follow as the council looks forward to making the powerful positive character education programming of Cub Scouting available to full families beginning in August of this year.