Climb With Us Capital Campaign



Our Vision

Sioux Council, Boy Scouts of America, is embarking on a multi-year capital improvement campaign with a goal of $5,444,660.  This campaign will include educational, health & safety, and cultural improvements to its four camping properties and the Center for Scouting.


Sioux Falls Chamber Appeals ($1,570,000)
Prepared. For Life. Urban Adventure Center

Upgrades to the Center for Scouting located at 800 N. West Avenue in Sioux Falls will be anchored by the construction of a 60'X72', 3-story structure to allow for state-of-the-art indoor Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Zip Line, Archery, Classroom Space, and Shower Facilities.  Also included in the project will be:  Roof Replacement, Parking Lot Restoration, Replacing the original building's Heating and Cooling Systems, and Warehouse Improvements.

The addition of the indoor climbing and classroom facilities to the Center for Scouting will provide local Scouts, local residents and businesses the opportunity to participate in year-round programming designed to build individual self-confidence, social skills, leadership skills, and team building exercises.

An additional benefit of the renovations will allow for hundreds of Cub Scout Packs and Scout Troops, as well as other organizations, from outside the Sioux Empire to have a safe, affordalbe place for overnight programming allowing them a base of operations to participate in weekend trips to Sioux Falls.  These trips will afford the visitors the opportunity to take advantage of the multitude of cultural, educational, and fun activities to local residents.

Council-Wide Improvements ($3,874,660)

Improvements to Sioux Council's four camping properties, Lewis and Clark Scout Camp near Yankton, Newton Hills Scout Camp near Canton, Camp Iyataka near Wilmont, and Camp Shetek near Currie, MN will include among other much needed improvements:  Severe Weather Shelters, Shower Houses, a Swimming Pool, a Dining Hall, a Nature Lodge and Museum, and a myriad of program areas.

Reaching The Summit 

The view from the top is exhilarating!  But we can't make it without your help!  This is your summit just as much as it is ours.  And, together we can walk the trail.

With your donation, the "Climb With Us" Capital Campaign will mark a leap forward for the Sioux Council, enabling better service to many more.

With your donation, Scouting programs will continue to build more conscientious, responsible, and productive employees, business owners, and leaders for the future.  The entire community benefits.  Inspiring leaders of tomorrow helps ensure that the future of our area will be in good hands for decades to come.

With your donation, the Sioux Council reinforces its solid footing and can introduce Scouts to new and expanded options for growth and learning, guaranteeing our Scouts will be ... PREPARED FOR LIFE!