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From our District Commissioner

1.  Congratulations are in order for Holly Engelhart for her dedicated work with North Star's
district FOS this year.  As of 26 Jun 18, our district reached and even surpassed it's goal.  In fact, we were the first district within council to do this!!  It's proven that once again with dedicated effort we have the ability to achieve our goals.  Thank you Holly for your support to scouting!! Holly is stepping down from FOS, so we are in need of an individual to step up and become the district FOS chairman.  We need a person to take over a task that must slide backwards.
2.  Congratulations are also in order to Terry Wallace for successful completion of his
Wood Badge ticket.  He will be awarded his neckerchief, woggle and beads 16 Sep at 4:00 PM at the National Guard Armory, Huron, S.D.  Terry is a member of the Owl patrol from
course C1-733-17-1.
3.  The September Roundtable date has been  changed to 20 Sep, same time as usual.  This change was necessary due to the School Night for Scouting.  Subjects to be touched on are Scouting for Food, Fall camporee, popcorn update, membership, full family scouting.  YPT will be offered as well.  A lot of news on policies and upcoming events is passed out at
these meetings.  I highly encourage cub masters, scout masters, organizational reps, committee members and parents to attend.   You all are important parts of the scouting programs!!!
4.  It's getting closer to rechartering time.  Youth Protection Training will be presented at the September Round table and the Cub Day camp in Watertown on 22 Sep.  
Remember if this training is not accomplished it will cause problems when rechartering within council.
5.  I have a major request for all cubmasters and scoutmasters within North Star district.  I need to update each unit's Chartered Organization Representative and Committee Chairman list.  I will need full names, telephone numbers and email addresses and if YPT has or hasn't been completed.  This information can be sent to me by email telephone (605) 225-1064 or mail 1921 Prospect Avenue, Aberdeen, S.D. 57401-6540.  I need this information by 1 October at the latest.  If not received by then, I'll use what info I have on hand, which may not be current and disrupt contact with professional scouters and the Key 3 within the district.  This info is for official purposes only and any further release will be limited to "as needed use" only due to the amount of personal information contained.  It took seven months to originally set this up and there have been multiple changes since.  Your
cooperation on this will greatly be appreciated!!
6.  Remember the upcoming Day Camp event 16 Sep - Aberdeen and 22 Sep - Watertown.  Youth that have registered from school night for scouting are permitted to attend FREE, good time to introduce the youth and parents to scouting.  Also remember the Fall Camporee held jointly with Buffalo Ridge district 2-4 Nov at Oakwood Forest State park off Interstate 29 near Bruce, S.D.  Watch for leadership guides to become available via council internet contact.
7.  Carl Clayton - District Director and Angie Leadabrand - District Executive and several guest speakers have been passing on important information and training at round table meetings. By your attendance in person or via zoom gives you valuable contact on all subjects that concern our council, district and each unit.
8.  HISTORY:   August 21, 1912 the Boy Scouts of America named its first Eagle Scout, Arthur Rose Eldred of Troop 1 in Rockville Center, N.Y. 
In scouting,
Gordon Grey, District Commissioner
North Star District


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