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Membership Resources to help you start the new year. Hand outs for parents meeting.


Scouting online - for now.

Ways to still have your Meetings - Work on Advancement - Training.

  1. Sioux Council suggests
  2. National suggests
  3. Bryan on Scouting suggests
  4. Scouting via Zoom


Roundtable Schedule    

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Meetings begin at 7:00 PM. Check your email for Zoom log in info.

     *  Required Attendance for Popcorn Incentives, April and August  




We want troops to bring their SPLs or their representative to Roundtables. Scouts BSA is a Youth Program, so we want youth representation at Roundtables. 

Roundtables are for ANY leader involved in Scouting in the Arrowhead District. These meetings are designed as a tool to help share information and ideas between units in the district. At these meetings, leaders can gather ideas for their Unit's Programs, as well as learn about upcoming district events, and more. All units should be represented. Be sure to check this posting regularly for updates.

Remember, the Units who attend Roundtable are more informed & most likely to have stronger programs!

Every unit should be represented each month to stay connected & informed.

We look forward to seeing you and THANK YOU for what you are doing to help the lives of so many youth in our district.


Order of the Arrow - Rolling Hills Chapter

Rolling Hills contact
Event Photos
Turtle Talk

Please click here for National Order of the Arrow Event Registration System

2024 OA Calendar of Events:  BSA Health and Medical form required for many O.A events

  • January 5-6 Winter Banquet, Aberdeen, SD
  • February 9-10 Section G-11 Council of Chiefs Meeting, Sartell,MN
  • March 9  LLD/LEC Center of Scouting, Sioux Falls
  • May 17 & 19 Spring Conclave at L&C Scout Camp
  • June 8 OA Fun Day at Lewis & Clark Scout Camp
  • July 29-August 3 NOAC 2024 University of Colorado Boulder
  • August 9-11 Fall Conclave at Camp Iyataka
  • September 6-8 Section Conclave, Camp Wilderness
  • October 19-20 Vigil Retreat at L & C Scout Camp
  • January 3-4, 2025 Winter Banquet-Prairie's Edge

Link up:  National Order of the Arrow - Section C1A  - Tetonwana Lodge
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