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Take the time to look at the expiration date on your Youth Protection Training. This training is only good for two years. You can access the training on

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District Award Winners



 Arrowhead District Eagle Scouts 

2020 Eagle Scouts    
Brian Mork Troop 33 Webster
James Lusk IV Troop 45 Milbank
Ethan Jones Troop 209 Watertown
Darius Swanson Troop 33 Webster
Matthew Moen Troop 35 Sisseton
Camaeron Thomas Troop 13 Brookings
Elijah Fraasch Troop 45 Milbank
Trevor Malsam Troop 51 Aberdeen
Gabel Goldhorn Troop 3 Brookings
Aiden Oien Troop 209 Watertown
Cheyloh Brockel Troop 357 Eureka
John Hamre Troop 60 Selby
Garett Warkenthien Troop 23 Clark
Wyatt Niemann Troop 8 Watertown
Alex Vockrodt Troop 8 Watertown
Mason Bundy Troop 8 Watertown
Riley Weinmeister Troop 51 Aberdeen
Noah Poor Troop 188 Aberdeen
Dennis Arunasalam Troop 359 Aberdeen
Ryan Gregg Troop 35 Sisseton
Dawson Seim Troop 209 Watertown
Dustin Hermansen Troop 51 Aberdeen
2021 Eagle Scouts    
Evan Cyphert Troop 1 Brookings
Jordan Mofle Troop 1 Brookings
Kaiden Hinton Troop 357 Eureka
Evan Crismon Troop 209 Watertown
Caleb Sannes Troop 33 Webster
Carter Stulken Troop 188 Aberdeen
Alexander Schmaltz Troop 19 Clear Lake
Gabriel Jerome Troop 65 Mobridge
Zachary Gonsor Troop 51 Aberdeen
Jonathon Prout Troop 1 Brookings
Henry Fouberg Troop 51 Aberdeen
Triton Grajczyk Troop 357 Eureka
Tanner LeSage Troop 13 Brookings
Dillion Schroeder Troop 209 Watertown
Hudson Fuller Troop 23 Clark
Jeremy Stout Troop 209 Watertown
Ben Hawkinson Troop 13 Brookings
Gabriel Olson Troop 188 Aberdeen
Dagim Thomas Troop 13 Brookings
Ian Ainomugisha Troop 14 Brookings
Devon Jones Troop 209 Watertown
Michael Grebner Troop 188 Aberdeen
2022 Eagle Scouts    
Jesse Urevig Troop 209 Watertown
Evan Stromsness Troop 23 Clark
Alexander Storhaug Troop 13  Brookings
Josiah Thomas Troop 13 Brookings
Mason Morris Troop 13  Brookings
Tyler Berndt Troop 51 Aberdeen
Christopher Gross Troop 1 Brookings
James Werkmeister Troop 13  Brookings
Samson Storhoug Troop 13 Brookings
Ethan Orr Troop 188 Aberdeen
Dean Shultz III Troop 35 Sisseton
Noah Miller Troop 359 Aberdeen
Ethan Fergel Troop 51 Aberdeen
Timothy Melby Troop 4 Brookings
Mitchell Moen Troop 35 Sisseton
James Conrad Troop 45 Milbank
Maddox Bundy Troop 8 Watertown
Jaxen Riley Troop 209 Watertown
Jacob York Troop 13  Brookings
Andrew Dammen Troop 13 Brookings
Colton Endres Troop 209 Watertown
Jordan Endres Troop 209 Watertown
Spencer McCleerey Troop 35 Sisseton
Zach Marinell Troop 19 Clear Lake
Karter Kohlenberg Troop 209 Watertown
Bryce Falken Troop 359 Aberdeen
Kylie Schlenker Troop 151 Huron
Calvin Wallace Troop 151 Huron
Mason Kennington Troop 5 Madison
Jared Kennington Troop 5 Madison
James Bame Troop 5 Madison
Gavin Sannes Troop 33 Webster
Ethan Opitz Troop 33 Webster
2023 Eagle Scouts    
Kason Hinton Troop 357 Eureka
Devan Brockel Troop 357 Eureka
Craig Jones Jr Troop 357 Eureka



Friends of Scouting - True Cost of Scouting - click here

Prepared For Life

The tradition of Scouting began over 100 years ago in 1910 here in the United States and it continues today to allow youth to develop into leaders of intellectual distinction, moral conviction, ethical direction and possessing an energy that motivates them to make our communities a better place. This does not mean that Scouts are the smartest, fastest, wealthiest or most popular; however it does mean that each one of them will lead a life that will make the world around them better for their families, friends, colleagues and society at large because they are open to growth.

The Boy Scouts of America is one of the best youth organizations in the country because, put simply, young people in Scouting programs excel. When one is reminded of the global impacts of Scouting – that the only men to walk on the moon were Scouts, that the founder of Microsoft was a Scout, or that one of the few people to climb all seven of the world’s highest peaks was also a Scout – it is easy to offer financial support to the programs that develop the type of confidence needed to scale peaks and walk on the moon. It is just as easy to support the program needs of a young person who lives five miles from the beach but has never been kayaking, or has never spent an entire day outside or never feels the pride during the applause of an entire elementary school upon the dedication of new bookshelves for the school library. These success stories occur everyday in Scouting.

Though simple in concept, advancement through merit badges, community service and outdoor activities offers a world of boundless opportunities. Your generous tax-deductible gift to the Boy Scouts of America provides direct funding for educational initiatives and active learning that program fees alone do not cover – is a statement about your belief in Scouting, our programs and our properties and in our belief in educating the entire mind of the young people.

The Friends of Scouting Campaign is the lifeblood of Scouting’s fundraising efforts. Each year parents, volunteers, Scouting alumni, friends and business patrons donate time, energy and financial resources to this much needed yearly campaign. Annual Giving provides the budgetary support for numerous improvements to our properties, expansion of Scouting programs into new markets and increases the chance that every young person in our community will benefit from the impact of Scouting.

The Boy Scouts of America believes and understands that helping youth puts us on a path towards a more conscientious, responsible, and productive society.